JSM Report is a PC software application used to download, store, manage and query information from WSX1 units. Reports are generated by the firmware loaded aboard the WSX1 unit. JSM Report is customizable and can manage different types of reports, in accordance with the installed system (such as the WSX1 CTD3.0). JSM Report can operate in single user mode or multi-user mode (TCP/IP network). It supports SQLite databases as well as Access databases. It can also generate automated reports.






  • Generate automated reports
  • Manage database files containing downloaded report information from WSX1
  • View data in a clear and flexible way
  • Quickly sort data by simply clicking on the appropriate column header
  • Make quick searches
  • Launch advanced queries to look for certain patterns for analysis and reporting purposes
  • Quickly generate print-ready reports for abnormal situations, statistics, room call listing, etc.
  • Download report information from JSM Micro WSX1 units
  • Copy and export data to external programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Act as a server in a network; multiple users can connect to the same database for query.
  • Auto-launch when Windows starts and periodically check for updated report information
  • Use SQLite and Access databases
  • Special databases and reports for logging pager calls


Technical specifications

  • Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • Platform: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Network: TCP/IP client/server, port 1003
  • Security: USB Dongle or serial number
  • Database: SQLite and Microsoft Access
  • Connection: serial (RS232) connexion to WSX1

Use with the following products

  • WSX1: CPU
  • CTD/other: call management software


Web Client Module :

The JSM Report Web Client module is an optional add-on to JSM Report. It allows users to view, manipulate, query data and generate reports using an intuitive web interface instead of using the client. In environments where multiple users may need to consult calls, it may be simpler to deploy the web interface instead of installing a client copy of the software on each user's machine since the web interface does not require any particular software to be installed on the client computer, beside a web browser.

We have an online demo of the Jsm Report web client module on which you can try out features on a sample database made of real hospital patient calls, make queries and generate reports. Click here to open the demo.












If your customer uses version 4 of JSM REPORT and you need to reinstall, you can download it bellow: