JSM Display is a software simulating one or more virtual call display panels on a computer screen. It receives messages from the serial port using a proprietary protocol and pops up message windows on-screen. A different warning tone can be played for each type of message. JSM Display can playback the alarm sounds through external speakers or emit tones through the PC internal speaker.





  • Various sounds played based on alert severity
  • Play wave sounds or emit PC speaker beeps when some messages appear
  • Background color changes to red if chosen keyword (ex: Emergency)  appears
  • Changes alert boxe background color if certain character sequences appear
  • Adjustable message windows transparency (opacity)
  • Messages do not take control of keyboard and/or mouse and do not interrupt work
  • Selectable scrolling speed for scrolling messages
  • Selectable pannel size (width)
  • Calls displayed in a rotating manner (for either very long or multiple consecutive messages)
  • Calls from multiple source addresses displayed (multiple panels on the same physical screen)
  • Message windows position memorized
  • Supervised


Technical specifications

  • Platform: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Systems: All Windows versions
  • Security: Registration code
  • Connection: serial (RS232) connexion to WSX1

Use with the following products

  • WSX1: CPU
  • CTD3/other: call management software