About us

Founded in 1998, JSM MICRO is a Quebec based company that specializes in the design of Emergency call systems (also known as Nurse call system) for Nursing Home, Health Care Centres and Retirement Homes.


Besides engineering and assembling the  system’s core,  JSM MICRO also builds and distributes its ancillary components:


  • Detection Systems and Emergency Call Devices (pull cords, wireless emergency buttons, other emergency call/confirm devices)
  • Display Panels and Corridor Lights
  • Intercom Systems
  • Wireless Telephone Systems or Staff Paging Systems
  • Messaging Interfaces for Wireless Phones
  • Multiple interfaces used to couple the JSM MICRO Systems to other manufacturers equipment
  • Reporting and Information Management Systems

JSM MICRO is well known for its tailored systems that meet the specific needs of its most demanding customers. A large number of systems installed over thirty years ago and still in operation today can be attributed to the company’s developers. Based on this vast experience, the company keeps designing modern products that fulfil the current needs and specificities of your industry.


We listen to you;

We look for solutions;

We build a product that meets your specific needs.