JSM Presence is a software application designed to monitor residents’ presence in seniors’ homes, and make sure they are safe. Two modes are available:


1) Infrared Motion Sensors: When the set time period expires while no motion has been detected, an alarm is activated.


2) Manual Confirmation: Residents must push a presence button at least once during the set time interval, or an alarm is activated at the end of the period.


Alerts are displayed using a flashy blinking window. The software lets you define the absence time period and, optionally, can notify caregivers by email (Blackberry, iPhone, etc).





  • Designed to monitor resident's presence : make sure every resident is safe
  • Works with push buttons : if residents do not press within a certain time frame, an alarm is reported
  • Can also works using infrared motion sensors : if a certain time period elapses, an alarm is reported
  • Gather presence data from multiple COM ports
  • Define absence periods to disable alarm reporting for a given time if the resident plans to be away
  • Intrusions can be reported if motion is detected during an absence period
  • Transmits notifications to pagers and email addresses if alarms and intrusions are reported
  • Quickly get an overview of residents' personal information and current status
  • Add custom details to residents' profiles such as phone number and remarks
  • View an history of the events that occured for each resident
  • Receive graphical alerts on-screen for alarms and intrusions

Technical specifications

  • Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Platform: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Security: Registration using a product key
  • Connection: serial connexion(s) to WSX1
  • Paging: CSX5-ENC protocol (optional)
  • Email: SMTP protocol (optional)

Use with the following products

  • WSX1: CPU
  • CTD3/other: call management software
  • CSX5-ENC: Encoder module (optional)