Jsm Config is an application used to configure various firmwares running in JSM MICRO devices such as the WSX1 and CSX5 units. It is a template based programming tool that offers a user experience tailored to each programming software template. This makes programming simple and easy. JSM Config includes exhaustive built-in help for all the parameters of all templates and also includes help manuals when required. JSM Config can open/save configuration files and upload/download to the connected JSM device. JSM Config also includes a tool to manage the WSX1 unit.








  • different colors for fields whose values have changed from the default one
  • default values for parameters resettable with the middle mouse button
  • navigation outline at the top and bottom of the screen for easier navigation
  • documentation manual for the whole template which auto-jumps to pertinent locations automatically
  • quick help for each configuration parameter describing it and giving it's default value
  • configuration templates are separated in multiple pages for a better organization
  • can download/upload to WSX1 and CSX5 units
  • auto-reset WSX1 units before and after transfers
  • supports many configuration templates
  • extensively customizable according to templates
  • saves memory space by omitting fields that have their default value when uploading the config. file
  • admin. tool for WSX1 : upload program/bios, set date/time, view serial number, list troubles (CTD3), …


Technical specifications

  • Connection: serial (RS232) connexion to device
  • Platform: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10