POCSAG encoder


JSM Micro's POCSAG encoder receives information from the emergency call system and converts it (the encoder) to be routed to pagers by the radio transmitter. It is an essential component of a complete pager system.





This encoder can offer a data output of 512 or 1024 bps. The polarity of the data and the "inhibit" input is programmable. It is possible to program the type of each input (no nc) and an alarm and return to normal message. The protocols offered are TAP, MEP, COMP. The encoder generates messages from information extracted from RS232 serial ports.


  • Programmable via serial port

  • Universal radio interface

  • FLASH configuration memory

  • Pocsag 512 or 1024 bps CCIT output

  • 8 inputs (no, nc, 5-30 vdc ou contact sec)

  • Radio coverage test mode included

  • LED indicator lights (idle, inhibited, transmitting)

  • Networking up to 32 CSX5 modules

  • Case: Off-white cold rolled steel

  • RS485 networking (32 modules maximum)


Technical Specifications


  • Pocsag output: 512/1024 CCIT

  • Data output: 0-5v or RS232

  • Inhibit input: 0-12 v or open collector or RS232

  • PTT output: Open collector (24 v tolerant) or RS232

  • Alarm inputs: 8, opto-isolated (5-30 vdc, no or nc)

  • Power supply: 12-18 volts dc, 140 ma max.

  • Memory: 128K ram, 512K flash