Residents' safety relies on a dependable method for notifying the personnel of a problem or an emergency. JSM Micro Mini-Display is directly connected to the VIGILANCE system central controller (WSX-1). This guarantees that any signal from call devices (pull cord, wall plates, etc.) or change or their status (ex: malfunction) will be captured and displayed in easy to read and understand messages.


The main function of this unit is to emit audible alarms while displaying precise information on the origin and nature of emergency calls.  This device is a fundamental part of the VIGILANCE system, providing it monitoring capabilities. It recognizes power level problems and failures of call devices and will generated appropriate alarms. JSM Micro Mini-Display offers a complete supervision of the VIGILANCE System and all the call devices connected to it.



  • Compact
  • Communicates directly with the WSX1
  • Alphanumeric display.  20 x 4 characters
  • Shows time of day, date, and a customizable message at idle state
  • Shows alerts and problems
  • Generates audible alarms
  • LED indicator
  • Monitors power supply and communication
  • Back-Up Battery
  • User friendly.  It uses a menu and a small keypad.
  • Configurable (address, language, volume, mute)

Technical Specifications

  • Addresses:  0-15
  • Connectors:  2 -RJ45   (DATA IN, DATA OUT, POWER SUPPLY)
  • Power Supply: 24VDC, CAT5 cable
  • Dimensions: (L X H X W) 6.74’’ X 3.37’’ x 1.48 ‘’ (172mm X 86 mm X 38 mm)
  • Power consumption: 40 up to 80 mA