The RTU8 module controls the call devices (pull cords, wall plates, etc.) and insures the relay with the WSX1 master controller. It collects signals from room and toilet devices linked to it, and signals any malfunction of these equipment. It also controls corridor dome lamps.


RTU8 with Audio


This module is compact and was designed to be installed near the rooms to facilitate installation and minimize costs. A single data/power CAT5 cable links the RTU8 modules amongst them and ultimately to the WSX1. Each RTU8 is autonomous with its own microcontrollers.

The unit comes in two versions. One that connects to JSM Micro call devices and supports a bidirectional hands-free conversation with the resident. The second more economical version connects to call devices without audio.



RTU8 without audio




  • Compact
  • Fully supervises room stations and detects troubles
  • Keeps operating locally in case of connection lost
  • Can be powered locally or through the data cable
  • Modules can be joined without external cables
  • LED indicator
  • All wires can be quickly disconnected
  • Addressable

Technical Specifications

  • Power: Cable or power pack
  • Capacity: 8 appartments with multiple stations
  • Addresses: 0-63
  • RJ45 Connectors: Data-in / Data-out, 8 rooms
  • Local Expansion: Side connectors
  • Alimentation: 24 VDC, 40 ma
  • Dimensions: 75 x 115 x 25 mm (H, W, D)